Saturday, December 3, 2011


i recently reconnected with a friend that I knew online like 10-12 years ago. We used to write on a hiphop message board and would collab on pieces to spark inspiration. Over the last few years we lost touch, but we jumped back in to our sharing mode and it has been a little blessing in my exhausted little life.

*****TERIYAKI (music: Wax Tailor - Seize the Day)

Heat mixed with gravity pulls me down magically
oceanic majesty as I swim so free across her naked sea
schools of fish agree guiding my gliding like giant sea turtles diving
below the depths bubbles of breath escaping to the heavens like lightning
as i go deeper I can feel my chest tightening ... then I exhale!
and release floating across vast valleys of coral reef..


jupiter moons bring her closer
swinging wide she finds who sent her
tiny bits of sand and dreams
memories and candid streams
of laughter.
his purple haze swims around him like love
vibrating in cadence with the oceans hum
unfolding with the free universe as one
collective dancing spirit
in laughter.


brushstrokes across the skin paint the mood with candlelight
burgundy shades of jazz discharging spirits of delight
her licentious intentions snatch my ghost deep from within
entrancing me in rapture boiling blood through my skin
but I exhibit only peace as the beast finds release 
hearts skipping beats on damp silky smooth sheets
and the skies up above are colored red like juiced beets
cascading upon hot flesh forcing steam to retreat
and the sibilation of breath is the only sound left


lying languid like an open peony heavy with dew 
trapped in a lush moment of stillness and magic and you.
the room is filled with binaural rhythms of silent poetry,
a quiet so soft, the words are all lost
drifting between the rise and fall of your breath and the sea.
freedom lives between the letters that make up the sound of words
naked space plays in the heat and the lust and the unheard.
cosmic shifts, consciousness and constantness builds eleven perfectly wet breaths that count beyond time and capture a sublime understanding of now
and this...this stardust found. 
give me more, wrap me up in a storm of alliteration, third eye visions and inspirations. my senses are full of a dying season, i’m craving island rains that pour like needles on flesh, skies full of painted sex, breezes so heavy with mood you can’t deny the esoteric quintet passing by. i’m starved, longing for the wordspun illusion of creative worth, an eccentric vedic rebirth of my imagination. 


... enlightening my soul in an age of blackness
as I spin around waiting for lucidity to slither free
and winds unfold timid petals waiting to be kindled
spicy dew moistened stigma . .so delicately bindled
pulsating signals of ambrosial liquids like syrup on lips
dancing like moonlight over galleys on forgotten pirate ships
lick my fingers after flipping through your perfect pages as I
trampoline bouncing off stars somersaulting weightless
lost in a moment forever frozen in stained glass ... break this
till then I'll orbit melancholia with a doom accepted facelift


simply amazing grace profounds my inner being
to seeing spotlit tints dancing on my silent ceiling
kaleidoscopes of memories that light my soul aflame
those amazing moments with strangers you'll never forget
but can't remember their name
the beauty of genuine friendship that grows like seedlings to redwoods
strength combined with love and affection so easily understood
our souls are like rice paper, carefully tread upon
but the imprints left behind are so delicately beautiful
like ones reflection in ponds
the child that lives inside our eyes, the windows forever open as when we were born
simply a pebble on our path to enlightenment, riding on the backs of the forlorn...

******KISA (music: Yusef Lateef - Like It Is)

its like it is...
slow movements of depressed motion
deep like percussion begging for slighted devotion
fingered reality plays with melancholy strings and reeds
while my traumatic week unwinds
laying littered in the peripheral, I readjust my mental tides.

its like it is...
and its hard to find a moment to linger for myself
I wrap my focus around emergencies, broken dreams 
and how not be an asshole.
id rather escape than create
id rather imagine wings of freedom 
than dive into the abyss that exists in my mind.

it is like it is...
the words shared are beautiful and felt
floating around a dark room,
bumping into breaths that swell,
tickles and whispers like bursts of sweet in a sour gloom.

it is like it is....
and the invisible thread, the spider silk 
that connects souls plays on the wind like guilt
catching sunshine, honest rhymes and bits of time
that you thought you’d lost along the way.
and as i read between the lines
the gratitude blooms like perfection...
reverberation divine....

its like it is...
and out of my need to not hurt feelings
I am writing.
I am trying.
I am breathing that breath that tastes like 
a need repressed that stretches the seams
of my emotion.
a need to express
a need to connect through words
a need to realign my spirit 
with likeminded verb bandits
and reality bending starlets.

It is like it is,
and I thank you
for the reprieve
and love you
for inspiring the need.

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