Sunday, February 22, 2009

useless - jul08

On the tip of my tongue
Life freezes into an unexpressed breath
while the wind still blows through my lungs
Like butterflies
But trapped and pending death.

On the tip of my tongue
Change has tainted my taste buds
Electric feels dry and high strung
Sweet renders bland and passé
Like sappy odes
And in love.

On the tip of my tongue
The moment waits
But gets lost in the wait
And the words vanish
Fall into the void
Overall, they just lose.

On the tip of my tongue
Family insanity
Hoping to catch a phrase
Without pointing fingers
she let herself die
playing the victim
and I have no more lines
to throw out to save you.

Its all on the tip of my tongue
playing in my mind
tempting the creation
taunting the change
stuck without words
from my mouth or my pen
I feel useless.

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