Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a fathers words

a fathers words fall harshly
darting about this house of doubt
and settles like an exhausted Sun
beaten by the Moon,
betrayed by time,
wildly spinning
and confused.

Yes, the words fell callously.
Spewed from lips
stained with bitter rage,
judgment and crooked impressions
Spoken about like gossip fodder…
and smiled to
and lied to
and permanently damaged.

Yes, the words fell cruelly.
Like the daggers on ones enemy
Knives a plenty…
To my children, to my friends
unaware of the blood trickling down my back
I continued to concern myself with you,
With your well being.

Yes, the words fell viciously.
Scattered about my surroundings
Disturbing the vibe of my unconsciousness,
Burning holes in the fabric of a lifetime
And forever changed my landscape.

to be unloved by ones parents is one thing
to be hated, was unexpected.

And yes, the words will fall,
Loudly and coarsely
In the space of my silence.
They will serve as a reminder to not trust you.
They will stand as a monument of what not to do.
They will be burned in the walls of my house, so that I might never forget.
They will keep space between you and my children.
And they will keep my spirit free from your constraints.

You are no longer my father.

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