Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a soapbox rant

I am truly disturbed by the comments I read in response to current events articles/polls. I don’t understand the mindset of my ‘fellow’ Americans in the least bit. There is so much hostility. Misguided and even subliminally planted hostility perhaps?

This morning, a poll asking:

“Would you support the deportation of natural-born American citizens that are the children of illegal immigrants?”

44% said yes; 49% said no and 7% said maybe

This country was founded on this belief. Many, many, many of the people in my family, in my professional and personal life are citizens of this country because this is the open-armed stance branded on the spirit of this country. Grandparents foreign born, great-grandparents and yes, parents who came here seeking prosperity (legal or not) found solace in the fact that they were, just by being on this land, creating a better life for their blood.

This debate circling around immigration is a smoke screen. A distraction of monumental proportions aimed at shooting through your emotions and keeping you embroiled in a moot point. Creating a division of people based on things that matter little in the scheme of the truth. The government is sending troops to patrol the border, Arizona is going rouge in an attempt to “bring light on the situation”, everyone and their racist mothers are offended and people who sympathize and have compassion are uneducated or worse, liberals. The truth is, it is not about patrolling the border, it is not about preventing people from coming here, it is not about the money and the burden of the communities affected…It is about a government not being forward thinking enough on purpose. The simple solution is so simple and so righteous and so obvious, but yet, the minds are not going there. What is required is a way to make illegal’s legal. Im so sick and tired of people making excuses. Im sick and tired of hearing people’s perfectly planted rage against people just trying to live. Find a way to allow people to come and work and support their families.

The ignorance of the ripple effects we as Americans create all over the world astounds me daily. Your privilege and your comfort come at a karmic price. You have an opportunity every single day to balance the scale through compassion and true understanding. Walk in peoples shoes and stay awake.

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  1. It is strange the North American mentality, my friend.
    Good writing and good insight, courage.
    Thanks for your visit.
    (We can always use the google translator ...).