Friday, June 4, 2010


I ran across some very interesting concepts in the last few days.

The movie Zeitgeist (, is basically what many term as a conspiracy theory documentary. But the truth is facts (not the possibility) about our money driven world society. Upon first hearing what a world without money might be like, I found myself picking it apart, thinking it naive...wouldn't men always want to dominate and control? Perhaps not, perhaps that is learned behavior. wouldn't such a society be ripe for corruption? Perhaps not, if people were content, full, richly stimulated by the common good.

From this movie, I found The Venus Project, Which of course got me thinking about technology. Profit driven technology is repressed technology. When I look at how far we advanced in some areas and not in others, it is obvious. The unharnessed clean and sustainable energy sources are AMAZING and limitless in their possibility. I honestly do think a society can be created that participates in the pattern of Nature, as opposed to abusing and controlling. Again, money has become the worlds religion, it has programed us all to believe that there can be nothing else. It has programmed us to accept a very small, limited short-sightedness.

Today I found a Awakening As One, a very sexy, polished, but still inspiring, movement. I have always, always believed in the vibration. I have always been able to feel it. It exists for all creatures and plant life and it you pay attention, you can observe it. This "Quickening" they speak of is happening, everywhere. The signs and oracles are all around us waiting to be seen and one that third eye opens, it is a little overwhelming. But when taken with a simple concept of BEING THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD, it inspires and gives me hope. I want to inspire others, not those who are not so inclined, but rather, inspire those on the verge. People who feel wrong, who feel guilt, people who understand that we can not continue in this hatefulness. Those are the people who feel it, but do not think outside the box that is containing them. They can not imagine how they can change things, but they know change is necessary. These people are hammered back into thoughtlessness by a lack of hope, a lack of putting the pieces together and painting a new picture in their mind.

Without sound like to much like the crunchy tree hugging witch that I am, I am convinced that the vibrational resonance in the world is rising...I feel it. My antenna is up and things (stones, books, tarot cards), knowledge and understanding have been coming at me steady for the last few months. At first, I laughed at myself. I thought, yeah right, you are having a spiritual awakening, in your head. But the more I trusted the possibility, trusted the intuition, trusted the vision, the more I am sure that this is real. Couple that with the knowledge that people all over the world are feeling this too, that is hopeful to me. In 1999-2000, I remember feeling the vibration, my mind was opening, but I shut it out, it was to much for me to bear alone and I had no one to reach to in order to get some reassurance. We've become so "rational" that it is hard to trust that which we know when we have been told that which we know is crazy. Today that is not the case.

I am inspired, wide open and participating in the pattern.

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