Monday, March 7, 2011


“and the masks, that the monsters wear, to feed upon their prey”

so far fetched,
so far off,
so unlike your reality

The truth of you is toxic
Overly sedated,
and bitter.

The truth of your discontent
lies somewhere in the folds
that barrier you,
and enfold your pain.

so far gone
so far away
so sad to watch.

And the truth
for me
is revealing itself
at our every encounter.
You and I no longer connect.
You and I don’t hear the same things.
Don’t vibe right,
Don’t have much in common,
other than the years.

One by one,
the players fall
The king,
The queen
The jester
The nursemaid
And I am unable to recognize
their decent until I have been pulled into it.
My loyalty is blind
My empathy is wide
and each of you
exploits my innards
to ease your own pain.

To view this circle from the outside
we are all poisonous,
venomous beings
careening around love and hate.

I choose to self preserve.
I choose distance.

It is no longer my desire to get you to get me.
It is no longer my expectation to get love from blood.

so far fetched,
so far off,
so far gone.

Your masks are slipping.
I see your truth.
And finally I see how your truth,
infects his truth,
and her truth,
and our truth.

Go ahead,
Throw your knives.
Get your jabs in.
CREATE what you will.
I am no victim.

I have wings…
pulled by magnetic forces
to fulfill my destiny

I have wings…
that vibrate fearlessly
and open new dimensions.

Far away from you.