Thursday, March 24, 2011

whats next?

There are robins singing at my window
Spring emerging
reaching up through the earth
more life, less cold.

There are weapons being fired
wars rising,
falling from the sky
more strife, less life.

There are lies pouring from the air waves
propaganda ensues,
playing on numb minds
more greed, less truth.

There are winds calling for change
vibrations rising…or falling
Supermoons, tsunamis, tectonic shifts, cosmic alignments.

and…the trees are falling
their skeletal remains laid across sprouting green.

and…the sky is filled unnaturally
with mechanic butterflies who visit when we sleep.

and…the world is filled with pending doom
It quietly attacks us
while we paint ourselves happy.

Everything is heightened
like hairs standing up,
the static pull
has every living thing in a state of
Whats Next?

There are robins singing at my window
And soft murmurs on warm breezes
There are daffodils blooming
And trees covered in sweet red buds
And the green is spreading in the peripheral
And the luxuries and promise of Spring flaunts itself at my feet
While my heart bleeds
and the vibration penetrates my vision
dreading whats next.

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